Fans of Tomb Raider were under the impression that Ms Croft was killed off in her last game 'The Last Revelation', but this now appears not to be the case, with her latest adventure 'The Angel of Darkness' being revealed.


The game had been known as "Tomb Raider: The Next Generation" for several months, but at a special invite-only unveiling event in London last night, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness was finally confirmed.

First gameplay details were announced, including the fact that Angel of Darkness will be the first three chapters in what developer Core hope to be a 10 part series, which will be spread across three or four further titles.

Each of the three chapters in The Angel of Darkness will have distinctly different aspects to them, including an RPG style adventure which sees Lara being named as the guilty party in a crime, and has to make sure that she clears her name.

The second chapter is traditional Tomb Raider style gameplay, followed by the final chapter which is more action focused, and sees Lara meeting up with her new mate, Kurtis, who provides a further character to play as in the game, helping Lara through her action packed adventure, and taking a more gunho approach to things instead of Lara's carefully thought out and planned actions.

screen screen

Lara herself will turn in to a more cinematic looking character, in keeping with the Tomb Raider movie, wearing slightly darker clothes, and will also boast a huge number of new moves, which she will be able to use to full effect against creatures and soldiers that she will come up against.

Core Design say that The Angel of Darkness is more than just another Tomb Raider title, but a whole new style of gameplay mixed in with the best parts of the Tomb Raider series. Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness is due for release on the PC and PS2 in time for Christmas.