Computer retailer PC World have announced that they are to launch a new pricing strategy for PC and console games, from this Friday.

The new pricing will coincide with the launch of Eidos Interactive's highly anticipated Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness, which PC World will be selling for 29.99 on both PS2 and PC - some 10 less than the PlayStation 2 RRP and cheaper than some of the major online retailers, although interestingly the groups very own Dixons are listing the PC version on their website 5 cheaper at 24.99, as are who are claming that the title is already available for dispatch, ahead of the official July 4th release date.

"We had always intended to give our customers what they wanted. The most awaited PS2 title to date at a superb price of 29.99 from day one of launch. This price is not a one off and we will be commencing a new array of superb offers for console and PC gamers commencing this Friday" said PC World's marketing manager Tom Guy.

Full details of the new pricing will be in the national press tomorrow, and on their website.

Update: We have received an update on the PC World price crash, which will last five days from 9am on Friday July 4th until stores close on Tuesday July 8th, and will see all PlayStation 2 and Xbox chart titles priced at 29.99 each, whilst stocks last.

Additionally PC World have cut an extra 5 off the PC version of Angel of Darkness to bring them inline with Dixons and Amazon, but a voucher needs to be collected from Friday's Sun or Daily Star newspapers to take advantage of the lower price.