Ubi Soft announced a five year licensing agreement with Dupuis Publishing yesterday, to develop games based on the Largo Winch cartoon series.


Since the first Largo Winch comic book went on sale in 1990, it's sold over 2.3 million copies, and had a TV series created for it, which was first aired last spring in France, and will make it's way across the rest of Europe this autumn.

Yugoslavian orphan, Largo, becomes adopted by the world's wealthiest man. However later in life his father dies, and Largo, aged 26 inherits the massive Winch Corporation, worth more than 10 billion dollars.

This sees Largo taking control of the empire, but is soon thrust in to the vicious world of big-business, where everyone's out to get him, with the game including a strong mix of financial element, adventure and action which should appeal to 15 to 35 year old gamers.

Largo Winch is due for release on the PlayStation 2, PC and Xbox in September.