Microsoft have announced that they are to launch a Limited Edition Xbox with a Crystal Clear design across Europe - confirming the news which we reported last week.

When we first reported details of the Crystal Clear Xbox last week it hadn't officially been announced, and other than a photo of the machine and the packaging very few details were known. However today the company has confirmed that the Console and two-controller pack will have a retail price of 139 and have set a fairly vague "Spring" release date, which we presume will be in time for Xbox's 2nd birthday on March 14th.

"The new Crystal Xbox is a beautiful piece of technology that any gamer would be proud to own. To be able to see through to the very heart of the Xbox is a cool thing and we believe that gamers will love this for their homes" said Xbox's Michel Cassius.

As soon as a solid release date is known we'll let you know, and would suggest that if you want to get one then pre-ordering the Crystal Xbox might be a wise move, because if the comments received from readers after last Wednesday's article are anything to go by it's likely the clear design will prove hugely popular.

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