Empire Interactive dedicated their entire stand to just one game - Flat Out. The Xbox, PS2 and PC title revolves around stockcar style racing, and seems to provide a Destruction Derby style offering without it just being constant ramming of competitors.


However just like it's name it does feel as though you could go pretty much "flat out" despite having a totally wrecked car - and it's the damage model which is one of Flat Out's strong points with the use of rag-doll physics which see your driver flung out of the door or windscreen if the crash is spectacular enough.

Burnout 3: Takedown was getting a large amount of interest from gamers a week before launch on both the Xbox and EA stand, although not seeming quite as fast as the previous Burnout games on the PlayStation 2 with a distinctly more pedestrian feel to it.


Crashes however are largely improved and the Crash Time "aftertouch" addition will certainly appeal to fans of the series, giving you the ability to steer your wrecked car in to the path of oncoming traffic in an effort to rack up a higher crash score and cause more chaos for both computer and human opponents.

Arcade classic Outrun 2 was also making an appearance on the Xbox stand, but ultimately seems very dated compared with more modern titles, and could have done with receiving a 21st century update - possibly along with an "Outrun 2005" name.


The party based modes certainly add to the longevity of the checkpoint based title, and give the game a strong Crazy Taxi feel with challenges such as knocking down certain coloured cones, and driving through coloured patches on the road surface in a record time.

Despite how good the game was back in the arcades, it simply doesn't feel as though it quite justifies it's Xbox release, although the addition of Xbox Live features is bound to give it a new lease of life.

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