One of the biggest Xbox titles due out before Christmas - other than Halo 2 - is the Microsoft Games Studios developed Forza Motorsport. It's said to feature more than 60 licensed cars, each of which can be tweaked and personalised with body kits and improvements, providing enough to get any petrol-head interested and something a bit more than current titles such as Toca 2 or PGR2.


The build on show was still at quite an early stage and large parts of the game weren't accessible with only a few cars and tracks to chose from, but what was on show impressed - both the cars and tracks appear to be well modelled, and the damage system certainly proves interesting with the paintwork getting scratched and the carbon fibre bodyshells ripping and cracking.

Handling generally seems fairly well balanced, although coming to a stop is quite another matter and the first few corners involved being in the gravel traps more than on the track due to the fact that braking simply doesn't seem to be very effective, a bit like stopping a heavy truck on ice.


Another driving game which has been getting a lot of interest is Acclaim's Juiced, which was on show during the first few days of GameStars Live but interestingly by Saturday had vanished from sight - possibly linked with the fact that Acclaim had days earlier gone in to receivership and exact details of who would be publishing the title were becoming somewhat unknown.

The game seems as though it's had a few novel ideas included and certainly feels as though British developer Juice Games have put a huge amount of effort in to making the game impressive. However there's no denying that the car handling in the early build which was on show was absolutely awful and felt as though the car was more like a hovercraft with turning possible almost on a central pivot point.

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