MTV aired their Xbox Party tonight in the UK, giving viewers what was billed as a chance to see Microsoft's new Xbox 360 console and games, however it showed very little of Xbox itself.

Xbox 360 console and controller

The Los Angeles party first aired in America last night, at which point news of the new Xbox 360 console was in full flow after the Microsoft-run online Alternative Reality Game "" had released a video showing the Xbox 360 and talking about the specifications - considerably more information than given on MTV.

Viewers of the MTV show got a fleeting glimpse of the machine as it was taken out of a bag and placed on a glass table in the middle of a stage, and views of gamers playing the machine from a distance, and some very brief glimpses of the next-generation titles, all squeezed in between performances by The Killers and Snow Patrol.

An advert break between the two halves of the show revealed the most detail, with a commercial for Xbox with people talking about "Xbox" and then a short version of the video with J Allard and other Xbox staff talking about the machine. It was not however in very much detail.

It was always known that the MTV show would be aimed more at casual gamers rather than the "core" of gamers which Xbox already attracts, and Microsoft would probably quite rightly argue that the show has achieved it's aim perfectly, but anyone watching it to get details of the new machine and games surely can't help but feel somewhat disappointed - a real shame when compared with the actual Xbox 360 news which is in plentiful supply online, much of which has painted a very bright future for Microsoft and their new Xbox 360.

Hopefully more details about the new console and the games which will be available for it, will be announced at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles next week, where Microsoft look likely to provide much more in-depth commentary on their plans for the Xbox 360 and possibly also confirm their launch schedule and pricing.

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