Nintendo have made light of their "Major Pokemon Announcement" at The Nintendo Show in London today, by revealing Pokemon Mini.


Pokemon Mini is a seperate piece of hardware, with it's own LCD screen and an infra-red port to allow data to transfer between two units.

Similar to a Tamagotchi, but more of a stand-alone mini console, somewhat similar to the Game Boy Advance, but limited to Pokemon games. The unit features a D-pad, 2 buttons and an LCD screen. A cartridge slot is also provided to accept miniature cartridges for the machine.

A built in shock sensor is also built in to the unit, and detects shaking, and this would appear to have an effect on the Pokemon character.

Pokemon Mini is expected to hit UK shelves in the Spring of 2002, and GamesPaper will bring full details when we get a hands-on experience of Pokemon Mini during our visit to the Nintendo Show on Sunday afternoon, along with our first hands-on impressions of GameCube titles including Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and Star Fox Adventures.