Online retailer have said that 74% of people who have pre-ordered an Xbox are planning to 'throw a sickie' on March 14th, so they can spend the day at home with their new console.


The survey conducted on an online computer games website earlier this month, showed that a further 20% of people who were buying an Xbox were still weighing up the pros and cons of calling in to work and pretending to be struck with with the 24 hour lurgies, which if they all decide their Xbox is worth it, will mean that around 95% of the Xbox owning population will be tucked up in bed trying to get rid of their cold.

screen When asked how they'd explain their sudden illness to bosses, nearly half said that they'd use illness as an excuse when they did finally return to work.

And let's face it, might as well take two days off, wouldn't want anyone at work going down with the flu, would you? A further 26% are planning to be honest, saying that the Xbox was their reason for skiving off, and seeing what their bosses said - we reckon "you're sacked", although, that means even more time at home with the Xbox, so it's a bit of a win-win situation.'s head of video games, (and man with a conscience) Christian Harris told us "We knew from our pre-order sales that demand and expectations were high but we didn't envisage just how many people would skive off work. I would advise anyone who is planning on pulling a sickie to be careful and instead look forward to a fantastic weekend where you can play to your heart's content with no worries."

Pubs and clubs are also likely to be eerily quiet tonight and this weekend, with more than half of the Xbox owners surveyed saying that they were going for the living room floor instead of the dancefloor, and who can blame them with titles such as Halo, RalliSport Challenge, Dead or Alive 3, and Project Gotham Racing to keep them glued to their TV.

Pre-orders of the Xbox console have been available from Amazon since November, and have seen the company offering great deals on their Adrenaline and Mayhem bundles, with both retailing for 396.96, which includes two games, an extra official pad. To see Amazon's full Xbox range, including games and accessories, check out their Xbox section.

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