The first ever 16mb memory card for the PlayStation 2 has been launched, by Datel.

hardware picture

The card also comes complete with Memory Manager software which allows you to have complete control over the game saves which you store to the card.

The limit isn't just 16mb though, because the software allows you to cram an amazing 80 megabytes of saves onto the card - ten times the capacity of a standard PS2 memory card, and for the same price.

"Mega Memory 16's memory expansion software gives gamers more capacity for saving their highest scores, hard to reach levels, unbeatable team line-ups, and fastest times than any memory card currently available," said Mike Connors, Managing Director of Datel.

Mega Memory 16 is due for release into UK shops during June, and will retail for 29.99 - Buy a Mega Memory 16 card from