Screens of PlayStation title Metal Gear Solid running on the Dreamcast have been revealed by Bleem.


Bleem for the Dreamcast allows PlayStation titles to be used in the Sega Dreamcast, and the first disc Bleem for Dreamcast: Gran Turismo 2 provides greatly improved graphics, higher resolution, and full screen anti-aliasing, making it look as though the game was programmed for the Dreamcast.

From the screens which have been made available so far, Metal Gear Solid appears to work just as well, with lovely crisp outlines, and no jaggies on the textures. As if GT2 and MGS on the Dreamcast isn't enough to get you wobbly at the knees, Final Fantasy and Tekken 3 are also said to be in the works.


Sony however don't like and have already attempted to block Bleem from emulating software, to which they have failed each time. Sony are allegedly now trying to scare retailers into not stocking Bleem or removing it from the shelves. Some retailers including Electronics Boutique in America have ignored Sony's threats, and are saying that they will gladly stock Bleem.

Because of the nasty tactics by Sony, Bleem are asking Dreamcast owners (and generally anyone who dislikes what Sony are trying to do) to show their support of Bleem for Dreamcast.