Codemasters have announced that they are to revive the classic Micro Machines series, with developer Supersonic Software currently working on a version of the game for the PlayStation 2, PSP and Nintendo DS.

screen (ps2 version)

All of the iconic features of previous Micro Machines titles appear to be making their way in to the latest update, with races taking place in locations such as the breakfast table, across a pool table, through the bubbly water in a bath, and even outside of the house going through sewers, supermarkets and even around a farm.

Vehicles which can be raced will include 4x4's, beach buggies, sports and street racing cars, muscle cars, and lowriders, and power-ups can be used to knock rival cars off the track using an array of weapons, including a car-mounted gaint hammer.

screen (psp version)

Micro Machines V4 is set for release this summer - assuming of course that it doesn't stumble on some spilt cereal on the breakfast table or fall down the bath plug hole beforehand!