Bam! Entertainment have announced that their vehicle based stunt game, Chase, is the first title to be approved from Microsoft's internal support system 'Incubator Program'.


The Incubator Program has been set up by Microsoft to ensure that full potential of both Xbox and external developers is met.

Bam's Chase is being developed by South African based I-Imagine, and will see gameplay revolving around Chase Corrada, a young woman who wants to become the best stunt actor that the entertainment industry has ever seen.

screen screen

Action takes place in four unique movie sets including a Spy Action Thriller, and a Gangster City, and sees players attempting jumps, smashing through props and racing through movie sets in typical Hollywood blockbuster style malarkey.

I-Imagine are also making sure that there's plenty of varied gameplay available, by including several different types of vehicles, including motorcycles, missile truck and a three wheeled Ramen delivery tuk-tuk, to name just a few.

screen screen

Because of the extra processor power in the Xbox, and the close working with Microsoft's Incubator Program, I-Imagine has been able to create special effects such as real-time reflections and realistic shadows. The company also say that they've managed to make use of the hard drive to allow for highly detailed and large environments, which simply stream off of the hard drive, giving the experience of an almost limitless environment.

Chase is due for release in summer, published by Bam Entertainment, and exclusive to the Xbox.