Microsoft have today confirmed that the European launch of the Xbox last week was a success, saying that reports indicated it as being a 'runaway hit'.

However no figures have been given by the company as to how many units were sold, or indeed how many units were shipped to the 16 countries across Europe for the March 14th launch.

Lisa Morgan, Commercial Director at EB and Game, said "Hardware sales were particularly impressive on launch day and we've seen a good attachment rate covering both 1st and 3rd-party games. The strong line-up of day-one games has undoubtedly contributed to a successful console launch for Microsoft".

The top selling games so far seem to have been Halo, Project Gotham Racing, Dead Or Alive 3, Wreckless, Oddworld, Rallisport Challenge, and Amped.

It's believe some 48,000 Xbox's may have been sold in the UK during the first three days, with around 40,000 copies of Halo being snapped up by new Xbox owners as one of their first titles, who were believe to have added at least two games on average, plus extra accessories, to their purchases.

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