Microsoft are to invite every gamer in the world to attend the forthcoming E3 expo in Los Angeles next week, for free - by letting them experience it virtually via the Xbox Live service.

As we reported last month, all Silver Xbox Live accounts will be upgraded to Gold status from Monday 8th of May at 8am until Monday 15th of May, with Adidas sponsoring the European side of the promotion and Verizon giving US gamers their freebie access.

Throughout the E3 week Microsoft aim to make more than 60 pieces of new downloadable content available on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, including demos and trailers from forthcoming games including Crackdown, Viva Pinata, Moto GP 06, Test Drive Unlimited, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and numerous trailers in HD-quality showing off titles which will be announced for the first time at E3.

Other content appearing on the Marketplace will include exclusive E3 Gamerpics and Themes, new Call of Duty 2 multiplayer map packs, and the hotly anticipated release of card game UNO on Xbox Live Arcade.

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