It'd appear that a new Xbox Live starter kit might be just a couple of weeks away, after online retailer Amazon added the product to their catalogue.

The current Xbox Live starter kit

The item, listed as "Xbox Live Starter Kit w/ two new demos" has a release date of October 17th, and the same RRP at 39.99 as the current kit - however it's interesting to note that Amazon currently have their retail price set at 29.99, five pounds less than the standard Xbox Live kit.

It's not known which two games may be included as demonstration titles, although it's possible that some of Microsoft's new XSN Sports games or Crimson Skies may feature, to replace Wacked, Moto GP and Mech Assault which are in the current package.

As confirmed at X03 last month, the Communicator Headset will be available to purchase separately, and has also appeared in Amazon's online catalogue, currently priced at 16.99 and due for release at the end of October.