With the launch of the Xbox just 6 weeks away, Microsoft are trying to get gamers to "Play More" as part of a new campaign.

The "Play More" campaign will be seen on TV, the internet, in cinemas, and national press, with the aim to get people in the mood for playing games, which Microsoft says is an essential part of everyone's life - saying that it shouldn't be all work and no play.

Some 7000 Xbox demo pods are being installed in stores across Europe between now and early March, with the UK's first Xbox demo pod already available in HMV's Oxford Circus store.

The marketing campaign sees a new site at playmore.com which details 25 play experiences, and provides registered users with email updates of new play experiences.

PlayMore.com is set in a virtual fish tank, and for each user that registers on the site, a virtual egg will be dropped in to the "water" - build up to the biggest console launch ever, or a gimmick.. we aren't too sure - Either way, Microsoft are pushing hard to ensure that Xbox gets known by the masses before it’s March 14th UK launch.