Digital Worldwide have released the latest details of their GBA street racing title Midnight Club, along with the first screens of the game in action.


We first got to hear of the game's GBA conversion at ECTS, but very few details were known at the time, other than that it was based on the PlayStation 2 version of the title, but to work on the small screen has had it's view changed to a top-down view - a style similar to the early Grand Theft Auto games.

City street action takes place in huge maps based on London and New York, and feature plenty of short cuts and hidden secrets to make the racing that bit more exciting. The streets are also packed with busses, taxis, other cars, and there's even pedestrians using the pavements.

screen screen

Gamers have to win races to build up their collection of gleaming fast cars - however, to add that extra bit of an edge to the game, the police follow in hot pursuit in an attempt to end the illegal street races.

Midnight Club will be making it's way on to the Game Boy Advance in the UK in time for Christmas priced at 34.99, and racing across Europe in the early hours of 2002.