Midway have just released the latest details and screens of their Red Card Soccer - a game which is being billed as being the 'same game different rules'.


Red Card simulates exactly how a fan on the pitch in their teams kit would play, with tactics that the football association would hardly approve of, including high kicks, tackles from behind and enough shirt pulling to make any shirt several times larger.

Of course the referee doesn't avoid any of the action either, and somewhat vulnerable to abuse from the players as he makes controversial decisions which are bound to go down as being anything but popular with the players and fans alike.


Power-ups and rewards will also make for extended gameplay, with further gameplay modes, teams and stadiums available, alongside the 52 international teams, and a raucous crowd of fans cheering you on every step of the way.

Red Card is due for release on the PlayStation 2 during march, and the Xbox and Gamecube before the summer, published by Midway.