Midway Games have announced plans for L.A. Rush, as a follow-up to their San Francisco based Rush 2049.

Instead of leaping forward nearly half a century years as with 2049, the action will be set in more current times, and will see gamers getting a choice of more than 50 licensed and concept cars, SUV's and classic muscle cars - each of which can be fine-tuned with special parts and custom designs.

Areas around Los Angeles in which you'll be able to work your way trough gridlocked traffic whilst being followed in police chases will include the Santa Monica beaches, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and locations around the LAX International Airport.

Further details about L.A. Rush aren't expected to be revealed by Midway until early 2005, and as yet details of which formats the game will be released on are unclear - although we'd be highly suprised if Xbox, PS2 and PC aren't the most likely candidates.