Ubi Soft's new Ministry of Sound Moderngroove features over 5 hours of dance anthems from big names such as System F, Tall Paul and Freestylers, and looks set to take the music genre on the PlayStation 2 that step further.


Although technically not a "game", moderngroove will allow you to mix various record lables top tracks, in a way that you'll never have the same mix twice, and should be enough to keep any wannabe Tall Paul happy for many hours to come.

60 tracks can be mixed, along with animated 3D objects, video clips and backgrounds, plus your own text into a visual mix.


To celebrate the launch of Moderngroove, there is a competition to win a 2 week holiday with your mates to Ibiza which you can enter by visiting the www.mosps2.com website.

Moderngroove is published by Ubi Soft, and is due for release this summer. Big box, little box, wicked, Bok!

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