Sega Corporation has today announced at the Tokyo Game Show, their plans for global success, with the aim to be the number 1 position as a leading content publisher, by the end of March 2004.

Sega are to concentrate the worldwide expansion of their business in four key areas, of quality and quantity of multi-platform content, network gaming and entertainment and mobile/wireless content.

Each of the three territories will be closely looked at by Sega, with Japan getting focused on first, followed by the United States, and finally Europe during the fiscal year 2004. They are hoping to build up development resources and content, and to exploit key opportunities in each market, in an effort to build the "new" Sega.

Sega plan to use their heritage which has become so popular over the past 40 years, by strengthening and reinforcing key franchises such as "Virtua Fighter", "Crazy Taxi", "The House of the Dead", "Sega Rally" and many others on multiple platforms. Their back-library of more than 800 titles will also be used to their fullest, with Sega licensing additional characters in the near future.

As announced earlier in the year, Sega have a primary focus on providing content on multiple platforms, including the PS2, Game Boy Advance, Gamecube and Xbox. This has been further confirmed today, with the announcement of their deal with Microsoft to have Shenmue II as an Xbox exclusive in America, and also the announcement at TGS of several game for the Japanese market on various systems.

Sega have also struck a deal with THQ to co-publish 16 Sega titles for the Game Boy Advance, including Sonic Advance, The House of the Dead Pinball, and other titles over the next 18 months. In Europe Sega will focus on the PlayStation 2 user base, with Infogrames marketing and distributing Sega games on Xbox, Gamecube and PC.

Finally Sega want to make sure that they're able to take full advantage of the growing Mobile gaming market, with them developing a wide range of content for mobile and wireless phones and devices including Motorola phones and Compaq iPAQ Pocket PCs. Sega is looking to exploit further opportunities with Java-based content, consumer device and arcade machine links, new music and sound services for mobile devices and a "mileage-type" points system for cellular phones.

It looks like the next few years will be an exciting time for Sega, and one where there's going to be plenty of announcements - we'll bring them all to you, here on GamesPaper.

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