Microsoft have just released the very first screenshots of the new website which is due to launch next week.

preview of the new website

The new website, known as Xbox Live Web, is set to launch on August 25th and is part of the process which is seeing a totally upgraded Xbox Live service which will also give gamers an all new Xbox Live dashboard with improved features.

Xbox Live Web will give gamers web based access to their friends lists, view your game stats, manage your Xbox Live account, as well as getting the latest news and information about new Xbox Live titles, tournaments and events.


An extended web-based friends list will let you see what Xbox Live games your friends are playing, and if they've sent you an invite to join a game.

Further new screenshots of the Xbox Live Now dashboard have also been released, showing the dashboard based voice chat feature in action.

new Xbox Live dashboard

new Xbox Live dashboard

It's also worth noting that details of a "new Xbox Live starter kit" are mentioned on the screenshot above, which seems to point to a full version of MechAssault, along with the headset and 12 months subscription being offered to American gamers, from October 15th.

We'll bring further news of the upgrades to the Xbox Live service as soon as they are confirmed and go live.

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