Microsoft have announced plans for a special version of the Xbox Live Starter Kit which will feature a full game, and also confirmed details of renewal methods for existing Xbox Live subscribers across Europe.

The 59.99 pack will include not only 12 months subscription to the broaband gaming network and the Xbox communicator headset, but will also come bundled with a full copy of Project Gotham Racing 2, allowing new subscribers to save 20 on the standard price and experience Xbox Live with what we consider the best racer ever released.

A number of renewal options have also been confirmed by Microsoft, including the ability to pay a monthly fee by credit card of 4.99, pay for a whole year by credit card for 39.99 or as we'd been hoping simply extend current full and trial subscriptions for a full year by purchasing another 39.99 starter kit.

Using a starter kit to extend the subscription currently seems the best option as it not only has the benefit of giving you a replacement or spare headset, but also means you can take advantage of cheaper starter kits from somewhere like who are currently selling the Xbox Live Starter Kit for 29.99 - a saving of 10 off the suggested retail price.

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