Eidos have revealed some new screens of their chopper game by Core, Thunderhawk: Operation Phoenix.

Core's first Thunderhawk title was released back in 1993 on the Sega Mega-CD, and lead to the release of subsequent Saturn and PlayStation versions during 1995.


Thunderhawk: Operation Phoenix now harnesses the power of the PlayStation 2, immersing players in ultra-realistic action.

Equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and guidance systems, the Thunderhawk gunship features an immediately accessible "pick-up-and-play" control system to offer instant satisfaction. Speed and detail take the gaming experience to an exhilarating dimension and brand new play mechanics mirror the advanced technology this title exploits.

The gunship is equipped with the latest in weapons technology (attack & defence) including a Gun-Ship Sniper, Night Vision and Guided Missiles. Simulated AWACS (airborne warning and control system) also feature, providing the player with realtime tactical updates. Levels of additional support include Infantry, Tank Battalions and Air Units, all of which add to a realistic and fast-paced battlefield experience

screen screen

Gameplay comprises single player "Arcade" and "Campaign" modes and multiplayer "Cooperative" mode. Other features include a newly designed internal development tool for landscape construction and game-related data management, time of day settings, weather effects, 256km square 3D maps, and landscape which feels the effect of damage effects of bombs, explosions.

Thunderhawk: Operation Phoenix is due for realease on the PlayStation 2 this September.