It'd appear Game Network might be joined by another channel providing computer game news and reviews, when Friendly TV launches on May 12th on the Sky Digital TV platform.

The channel is currently in testing on Sky's satellite service, and is currently showing a loop of footage from The Sims on the PlayStation 2, amongst other footage from the general output of the station.

It's believed that Friendly TV is being developed in conjunction with games developer Hi2, and will feature content from between 4pm and 6pm each day, including standard console and PC based footage, along with java games for mobile phones and interactive TV games.

The channel number for the channel doesn't seem to have been confirmed as yet, but if you know how to add extra channels to your Sky box then you can add the channel "nd1yx" which is at located at 11.623Ghz Horizontal, and more details are available from the Friendly TV website - as soon as we find out any more we'll let you know.