Accessory manufacturer Joytech have sent us details of their Illuminator Pro for the Game Boy Advance, which from the photos we've seen make it look like at last you'll actually be able to see what's on your GBA's screen.


screenThanks to a very futuristic and impressive sounding "Fluorescevision" technology, Joytech have managed to bring a decent amount of light to what can only be described as a very hard to see screen on Nintendo's tiny handheld machine, which for some crazy reason didn't even come with a backlight - something which many GBA owners were far from impressed about.

Power is supplied to the device via either two AA batteries, a GBA powerpack, or using an AC adapter, and the light illuminates the full screen with a strong clear beam - far better than tilting your head to get a reflection from the sunlight, or using a light magnifier with a tiny bulb that just about reflects in the corner of the screen.

Further details of the Illuminator Pro are available on the Joytech website, along with information about the full range of products that the company offers.