Infogrames have released some graphics from their new Stuntman title, which is due for release on the PS2 next year.

The story behind the Stuntman game is that you play the part of a Hollywood Stuntman for hire. You’re hired to perform stunts for a variety of films, but you need to be good.

Stunts get harder and you need to accumulate skills to progress your career from low budget productions to multi million dollar Hollywood blockbusters.


Stuntman is set in a number of different and well-known locations. The Stunts take place on movie sets in 6 different countries around the world.

Completing each stunt rewards you with bonus items. These can be used in the Stunt Arena, which you create yourself.

screen screen

screen screen

Each stunt consists of a series of clearly defined objectives, which can range from 180-degree spins, to perfectly timed jumps, dramatic barrel rolls and T-bone smashes. In order to succeed the player must achieve all or some of each scene's set objectives.

For the making of Stuntman, Reflections and Infogrames have been dealing with one of movies biggest Stuntman, Vic Armstrong. Vic has appeared in a huge number of well-known blockbusters such as Rambo, Indiana Jones, Universal Soldier, Starship Troopers and the big remake of the hit TV series Charlie's Angels.

If nothing else, Stuntman looks as if it could provide a few hours of fun as you try to create some impressive looking stunts, and with the photorealistic graphics to match, it should hopefully be as if you are living the life of a film star - or the stuntman acting as one.