Several new screens of Rayman Advance for the GBA have been revealed by Ubi Soft.

The game will feature numerous synchronised animations and a perfect fluidity enhancing the proven successful game-play of the Rayman series. Additionally, the 4 differing permanent layers all have a rate of 60 frames per second, giving a depth of field never before seen on a portable console. The essence that was instilled in this benchmark game, by it's original creator is still evident today

screen screen

Transported into the psychedelic Rayman universe, players begin their quest without any powers, but a whole lot of courage! Mr. Dark has destroyed the harmony of the world by stealing the Great Protoon, the energy source, defeating its protector, Betilla the Fairy. The Electoons, which used to gravitate peacefully around this nucleus, have been captured and imprisoned, creating a colourfully off-kilter land, filled with freaky critters and hostile characters. Walking, running, sliding, swinging and flying through 6 surreal worlds and mesmerizing levels, Rayman must harness untold powers to face Dark and his twisted minions, free the Toons and restore balance to the universe.

screen screen

The version for Gameboy Advance will feature 62 levels plus 16 bonus lelves, and Rayman can travel to any world that he has previously visited to collect the missing electoons.

From what has been seen so far of Rayman Advance, it looks as if this will be another title which will go to show just how good the new Nintendo Gameboy Advance is when it's realeased in the UK this July.

Rayman Advance for the Gameboy Advance is due for release at the launch of the GBA, on June 22nd.