Kemco have just released the latest screens of their Universal Studios title for the Gamecube.


We first got to see the game at ECTS back in September, but didn't know much more about it other than the fact that gameplay was set in the Universal Studios Theme Park, with mini games based around the various Universal licences.

Action from the racing section of the game, which features the Back to the Future car had already been seen, and looked fairly impressive, and the new screens include in-game views of the Back to the Future game, a Jaws game which is set on boats, and a Wild West gun-based shoot out.

screen screen

screen screen

With the use of some popular Universal Studio licences, including Woody Woodpecker and Jaws, the game looks as though it'll offer even more than we thought it might - fully deserving the "Console Game of the show" which it was awarded at ECTS. We'll bring you more news of Universal Studio's, soon.

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