Nokia announced seven new titles for their N-Gage mobile game deck just before Christmas, and a couple of new screenshots from Ashen and Operation Shadow have surfaced from developer Torus Games.

Ashen screens

Ashen is a supernatural horror-themed first person shooter, which appears to have similarities to Quake and Half-Life from the screens that we have seen so far. Eight single player and two multiplayer maps will be available with bluetooth wireless networking allowing for up to four players to go head to head in locations around the Seven River City.

Torus Games' other title Operation Shadow is also looking very impressive but currently there's less known about it other than the fact that you get to control helicopters, tanks, jeeps and take part in on-foot battles in a conflict around Solano’s home country Arawas. As with Ashen four player bluetooth gaming will be supported on a number of multiplayer maps.

Operation Shadow screens

Ashen and Operation shadow are due for release during the 2nd quarter of 2004, and further details about both of the games are available from the N-Gage website.

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