A short trip in to central London from the ECTS show took the GamesPaper team to Westminster, and The Nintendo Show - "Woah" is just one of the many words which could sum up our thoughts.

show floor plan brochure scan

Inside the somewhat hot and airless hall, were GameCubes, GBA's, Game Boy Color, and N64 machines, all with the latest titles, some of which were still in quite early stages of development.

Also in side rooms were live demonstrations of the GameCube, Pokemon Mini, and GBA e-card system. The GameCube demonstration showed Luigi's Mansion, and Wave Race - Luigi's Mansion looks much better than we had imagined, and the still screenshots and previous video footage seen of the game simply doesn't do the title justice.

Also the Pokemon Mini is much more than a Tamagotchi style device, as we had thought it might be when news first broke from the show yesterday - the "handheld consoles" are not only tiny, packing in a black and white LCD screen, motion sensors, vibration, infra-red port, speaker, d-pad, 2 buttons, side button, and a start button, but also one of the cartridges had 9 fully playable games.

One of the most enjoyable Pokemon Mini games was themed on boxing, and involved shaking the unit to gain points, but stopping as soon as the vibrate kicked in, otherwise you're score would be reduced - this happens three times, giving you a final overall score, and after a couple of attempts I'd made a new high score, which I then went on to beat by a long way about 10 times.

The main highlight of the show was the playable GameCubes, with eight titles on show - Rogue Leader often had large queues, and was popular with everyone. Eternal Darkness, Luigi's Mansion, NBA Courtside 2002, Pikmin, Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and Wave Race: Blue Storm made up the rest of the GameCube titles on show.

Diddy Kong Pilot and Mario Kart Super Circuit also made big impressions on the show guests, with our first experience of the tilt feature built in to Diddy Kong Pilot - which makes for an interesting way to control the plane.

GamesPaper will bring further info about the show as soon as we've had a chance to let the experience fully sink in, and we'll also have further info about other titles on show, over the coming weeks.

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