GamesPaper has spent the afternoon in London today, sampling some of Nintendo's hot new Gamecube titles which were previously on show at E3 in Los Angeles.


The press only event, which was held by Nintendo Europe's PR agency, took place in the Old Street part of London, and showcased some of the biggest forthcoming releases from both Nintendo and third party publishers.

Star of the event was Zelda, with it's impressive cel-shaded style graphics which caused a stir when they were first revealed back at Spaceworld, but are stunning to see in real life.

screen screen

Every aspect of Zelda seems packed with comical moments, and one of the funniest that we saw was a snotty little kid, who has a king size runny bogey hanging from his nose, and when he sniffs it goes back up his nostril, and if he moves about it bounces around - eww!

The concentration on Link's face whilst he attempted to sidle looked really good, and generally it'd appear that Zelda will be a treat in every way possible.


Super Mario Sunshine was highly impressive, and drew a sizeable crowd (no doubt helped by the fact the pod was next to a fan). We finally got to see more of what Mario's Jet Pack/Water Squirter can actually do, and spent many a moment soaking the scenery and swimming out to sea.

The large circular tilting mirror tables also really impressed us, and as you moved Mario about the whole disc of mirrors would tilt, and the reflection of the trees and landscape around you would glint back like no still screenshot would ever show - this really is something you need to see moving in real time to believe.

screen screen

Star Fox Adventures was another popular title, and the fur effects have been made to look extreemly realistic, however some of the areas that we played appeared to be fairly easy to complete, with little more than requiring good timing and the ability to run fast enough. It seems likely that the full game will be even better than previous versions though, and have plenty of treats in store.

Metroid Prime appeared to move both fast and very smoothly, and generally be one of the most graphically advanced games on show, and seemed to be popular, with never a moment that there wasn't someone playing it.


Multiplayer Timesplitters 2 proved to be enjoyable, with a deathmatch version of the game available in the demo - a good number of weapons are available, from shotguns to miniguns, and even a flame thrower, which when you are on fire causes your sight to be reduced slightly and a heat haze to reduce your view further as you get surrounded by flames.

Other titles on show included Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil, Mario Party 4, and Magical Mirror staring Mickey Mouse which is a point and click style game, and didn't seem to draw any crowd at all - hardly suprising when it's got the competition of Zelda and Mario just a few feet away though.

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