Nintendo have this morning announced the launch of the Game Boy Advance SP, which is due for release in Europe this March.

Game Boy Advance SP

The ultra stylish addition to Nintendo's Gameboy range will be avaialble in a choice of three cool metalic colours, and is tiny being only 84.6mm from front to back, 82mm wide, and an ultra slim 24.3mm thin.

Not only is the screen a flip top, which means it's protected from knocks and scratches when you're carrying it, but there's also a integrated front screen light making the games much easier to see, and no doubt also more fun to play.

Additionally a rechargeable lithium battery will allow for an impressive 10 hours of gameplay, which can be extended to 18 hours if used without the front light.

    Key Features of the Game Boy Advance SP:
  • Pocket size and foldable with flip-top screen
  • Integrated self-contained LCD screen light
  • built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (10 hours of play from 3 hours charge)
  • Choice of three metalic colours - silver, black and blue
  • Up to 32,000 simultaneous colours
  • Compatible with existing GBC and GBA games

"With the launch of Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo will be able to place their gaming expertise into the hands of new users who value outstanding design as highly as technology. There's an incredible range of games already available, and an ever-increasing number designed for players who may not have held a console since the days of Tetris" said Nintendo of Europe's David Gosen.

Game Boy Advance SP is due for release in the UK on March 28th 2003, with a European RRP of 129 to 139 Euros, meaning we should see it for somewhere in the 100 region.