have totally sold out of their initial batch of Gamecubes, in both purple and black, and don't expect to have any more until June.


The company were selling the machine at 129.99, but have posted an announcement on their website which reads "We have sold out of our allocation of GameCubes from Nintendo. You can pre-order now for our next allocation, which we expect to arrive in the first week of June, and we will keep you updated if there are any changes to this schedule".

It's thought that 50,000 Gamecubes have been pre-ordered in the UK alone, and it seems pretty likely that the Gamecube will sell out during the launch week, with many retailers including EB and Game having only a small handful of Gamecube's left before they also run out.

Recent days have seen retailers adjust the price that they were selling the Gamecube at, after Nintendo cut the price from 169 to 129, after the recent Xbox price slash, and this has been seen as another reason why the pre-orders have picked up so quickly, and taken all retailers by more suprise than many had expected.