The mobile phone company Nokia have today confirmed that they plan to release N-Gage, their wireless gaming platform and mobile phone - and it appears set to rival Nintendo's hugely popular Game Boy Advance.

Nokia N-Gage game deck

First details of a co-operation between Nokia and Sega were announced last November, but at "Get Ready to N-Gage" events which they held in London and Sydney yesterday full details of the new device were made public.

The handset will feature a 176x208 pixel screen which is capable of showing up to 4096 colours, and full 3D games. Multiplayer games will also be possible due to the bluetooth compatability, allowing you to play against friends without the need for link-up cables.

A number of leading publishers have signed up to work on the new platform, including Activision, Eidos, Sega, Taito and THQ - titles already confirmed are Sega Rally, Sonic N, Super Monkey Ball, Tomb Raider, Red Faction, Moto GP, and an impressive selection of other games which are under development.

Nokia N-Gage game deck

It doesn't just end with gaming though - the tri-band phone has an FM radio built in which also supports MP3 format music, can take screenshots of the games which can be sent via MMS picture messaging, has USB connectivity to link the phone to your PC and manage contacts and your music via the Nokia Audio Manager software.

XHTML browsing and Java will also be supported, along with a email and a range of personal information management programs. Quite amazingly they've managed to get all this crammed in to a tiny 133.7x69.7x20.2mm sized case, and it only weighs in at 137g.

More details about Nokia's N-Gage game deck, which is due to release by the end of the year, can be found at the website.