Nokia have announced that they are to launch the N-Gage QD, as a follow up to their N-Gage handset which launched only 6 months ago.


The company appear to have taken on-board criticism of the original N-Gage, specifically in areas such as changing games, which previously required you to remove the back of the phone and the battery just to swap the memory card which the games come on. The QD however has a "Hot Swap" port, which the website claims will allow you to "pop a game in and it begins automatically, and then slip it out again when you're ready to conquer something else".

Further enhancements include more responsive control buttons, a brighter screen, longer battery life, and thankfully no longer the need to hold the phone sideways when talking! Other aspects of the phone appear to be built on technology similar to the previous N-Gage, such as the Symbian Series 60 operating system, which has a proven track record in other phones such as the 3650 and 7650.

With a much more reasonable retail price of between $99 (75) and $199 (155) depending on contract subsidies, N-Gage QD is due to go on sale across Europe next month, and will see the rest of the world getting a chance to grab one a month later in June.

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