Nintendo have announced that their Nintendo DS handheld machine will go on sale in America on November 21st, with a launch in Japan due to follow on December 2nd.

Nintendo DS

The dual screen device, which features a touch-sensitive second screen, will have a retail price of $149.99 in the US - matching that of Sony's re-designed PS2 which was also announced today.

Both of the screens are capable of displaying 260,000 colours, with the additional function of an analogue transparent touchpad on the lower screen, which can receive inputs with the included stylus.

Nintendo DS features a 802.11 wireless networking system, allowing you to play against other gamers 100 feet away, and comes complete with built-in PictoChat software which allows up to 16 users to chat with each other via their DS machines.

Details of a UK and European launch are still to be confirmed, and seems likely to be scheduled for the first quarter of 2005. Earlier this week Nintendo knocked 20 off the current price of the GameBoy Advance SP in the UK, setting the RRP to a highly attractive 69.

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