Developer Deep Red have released more details of their forthcoming Tycoon City: New York, which they claim will be the biggest tycoon game ever - and certainly looks as though it's going to be something very special when it's released later this year.


The game puts you right in the midsts of life on Manhattan island, with a stack of cash to play with and thousands of NYC citizens getting on with their life in the city, each with their own tastes and desires, meaning they'll all react in their own way to the changes that you make - helped along by a script penned by an American sitcom writer, ensuring the often brash personalities and varied lifestyles of the city inhabitants shine through.

Action starts off in Greenwich Village, which is nestled in between the skyscraper-packed financial district and the bustling Midtown area with it's shops, cafes and theatres lining the avenues alongside famous landmarks like the Empire States Building and Times Square with it's advertising billboards and video walls - of which you can use your own images and video within the game.


Gameplay will be split in to two modes with Sandbox simply allowing you to build whatever you want in whatever way you prefer with the whole city available from the outset, whilst the mission based level mode will see specific achievements being set out such as running a show in Central Park, parades through the city centre, or simply opening shops later in to the evening and boosting the economy.

Some 500 individual buildings are set to feature, each based around the specific architectural style of the 12 districts which are being modelled, and can be customised to suit your Tycoon ambitions, so if you want a buzzing party venue for your New Yorkers to enjoy you can place one down and then change the fascia by adding some neon lighting, multi-coloured gyro lights illuminating the sidewalk, and even search lights on the roof to really make your business stand out from the crowd.


Whilst all the construction work is going on, the city acts just like the real New York, with people walking about getting between their homes, work and shops, and a constant stream of traffic makes its way around the streets - including the vitally important busses and iconic yellow taxis - queuing up at the stop lines on junctions, and letting people cross the road.

Tycoon City: New York is due for release by Atari in November, and we're hoping to bring much more in-depth coverage over the coming months. Taxi!