Codemasters has released a downloadable demo for Operation Flashpoint, a Cold War conflict simulator, for the PC. The game has already received a huge following, with over 600 fan sites in existence already.

Operation Flashpoint's Cold War conflict setting draws the player into the action so deeply because it is such a believable experience. For the first time in such a game, the player controls and commands not just soldiers of all levels and squads but also land, sea and air vehicles - both military and civilian - from cars, to APCs, to tanks and even military helicopters.

The realism comes from personal knowledge of the developers, Bohemia Interactive. Based in Prague, the team members are all ex-Czech Army. Drawing on their military training and experiences, Operation Flashpoint's single missions, campaign and mission editor provides for a unique action gaming experience.

You can download the demo (60mb zipped) from the Codemasters website.

Codemasters is set to release Operation Flashpoint on PC CD-ROM on June 5th.