Army Men publisher, 3DO Europe have announced their latest Army Men series game, for the Game Boy Advance.


The game, called Army Men: Operation Green, follows the antics of the green plastic army men in their battles against the tan army who are all out for global-plastic domination.

An added edge has been added to the game by an improved artificial intelligence system which means the enemy Tan army can now hear and see you, making the whole experience more enjoyable and requiring more skill.

screen screen

Multi-player action features strongly in the game, with up to 3 other players being able to link up and go in to combat. A total of five war locations and 15 interactive levels featuring jeeps, tanks, boats and even air combat should provide for varied gameplay on the GBA's small screen.

Army Men: Operation Green will march it's way on to the GBA from February 2002, and for any Army Men fans, you can get the current Army Men title which is available now.

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