PAN Interactive had two of their up-coming titles on show at ECTS, and we were lucky enough to be shown them in action, and to speak with the developers.


Rock Manager instantly grabbed my attention, and is packed full of clever rock and roll band humour, such as band bust-ups, and infighting amongst the band members.

You start the game by picking your group members, naming the band, and buying a licence to the song that you want them to perform - next you get to pick a location in the city, where you record your demo tape, setting the levels and style of the song. Next it's off to a record company where the tape is played, and you get a honest opinion of what the record company executive thought of it. The band can then go on to perform at venues in the city.

screen screen

That's only half of the game though, as you then get band members popping up on the screen complaining about each other, saying that they're giving you a last chance and that if it gets any worse they'll walk - to keep them with the band you can offer rewards (bribes) such as crates of beer, hockey match tickets, weekend at a health farm, etc..

Rock Manager is due for release on October 5th, and should hopefully find it's way at the top of the PC charts, and who knows maybe one day a virtual Rock Manager band will make it to the number 1 spot too..?

We also got to see an early version of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which has some great character animations and seems to capture the feel of the characters just as you'd expect them to be.

The game has been made in a style similar to Tomb Raider, and should be instantly accessible to anyone who's ever played such 3D adventures. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is due early 2002, and if 15 million sales of the book are anything to go by, it should fair pretty well.