Lucas Arts have announced that they are to make Escape from Monkey Island for the PS2.

The long running and popular series of Monkey Island games will make their console debut in the Spring, and will bring Guybrush Threepwood and his new bride, Governor Elaine Marley-Threepwood, returning to Melee Island from their honeymoon.

They quickly discover Elaine has been declared dead, the Governor’s mansion is scheduled for demolition, and the slick, yet hauntingly familiar politician, Charles L. Charles, is gunning for her job.

Escape from Monkey Island continues in the tradition of its award-winning predecessors and was developed by the team that created LucasArts’ irreverent classic Sam and Max Hit the Road.

Escape from Monkey Island for PS2 features an original cinematic story full of drama, intrigue, and of course, highly amusing humour. The game is highlighted by hundreds of challenging puzzles amidst dozens of rich and brilliantly rendered backgrounds.

Ah-ha' me hearties! We hope to bring you a shipshape review soon!