Sony Computer Entertainment have this morning announced the launch details for their PlayStation 2 network gaming service, which is due to go live in the UK on June 11th.

The service will require you to have a PlayStation 2 console, along with a broadband internet connection from either an ADSL or Cable provider. You'll also need to pick up a 24.99 Network Adaptor kit, which comes with a disc to enable games for online play - the kit will be available from all normal retailers, and is available to pre-order now from

Special bundles are planned, including SOCOM: US Navy SEALs which will come with the voice communication headset for 49.99, and Twisted Metal Black Online will see the Network Adapter included for a reasonable 39.99.

Ray Maguire, SCE UK's Managing Director told us "Starting with the groundbreaking experience of 16 player SOCOM with voice communication, and the frenetic car combat action of Twisted Metal Black OnLine, there will be an excellent diversity of online gaming, including titles such as This Is Football 2004 and Destruction Derby Arenas. PlayStation Network gaming will be exciting and simple to play, as well as affordable".

More details about online gaming with the PlayStation 2 can be found in our broadband gaming section, and you can order both of the Twisted Metal Black Online pack and SOCOM Navy Seals with headet bundles from Amazon now.

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