Sony have revealed their new network adapter and hard drive for the PlayStation 2.

hardware picture

The network adapter is said to have both an ethernet socket, and also a modem socket, allowing the machine to be connected to a standard phoneline.

Storage space appears to be something which Sony feel is going to be very important, and have announced that the hard drive will be a whopping 40gig. This announcement, on top of the photo of the flat panel monitor, keyboard and mouse makes the PS2 look more like a PC rather than simply a console.

hardware picture

Prices for both of the accessories aren't known as yet, but we'd expect the hard drive to be a bit pricey considering it's size, and maybe only something to buy if you've got obscene amounts of money under your matress.

They are due to be released in America before Christmas, and a European launch has not yet been confirmed, although it's likely that sometime early in 2002 they will make their way over here too.