A number of retailers are reporting that they've received their initial shipment of Sony's PlayStation Portable Giga Packs, which include a 1GB memory stick duo pro card and a number of other accessories, as part of a pre-Christmas special package.

PSP Giga Pack

Leading high street retailer GAME have the PSP Giga Pack listed on their website, although you'll be forced to buy it as part of a bundle with the cheapest currently in stock at the time of writing being 349.99 with four games and a number of own-brand accessories.

Amazon.co.uk have also taken a similar bundle approach to selling the Giga Pack, which they claim go on sale tomorrow, with a choice of between two and ten games - the biggest of which is currently offering an impressive saving of over 179 off the RRP, which matches the price of the original Value Pack when it launched only three months ago.

Jersey based Play.com however are reporting that both the PSP Giga Pack on it's own and bundled with Pro Evolution 5 has already sold out after a surge of initial sales which saw the bargain priced limited edition packs being snapped up within hours of being listed. They do however still have a Pursuit Force and World Tour Soccer Giga Pack bundle available for pre-order ahead of a November 21st release date.

Sony announced plans last month for the limited edition pre-Christmas bundle PlayStation Portable Giga Pack, which sees the 32MB duo pro memorycard replaced with a much more useful 1GB version, and also the addition of some fairly useful accessories like a USB transfer cable and stand thrown in for good measure.

With supplies of the original Value Pack still very few and far between in the UK, it'd seem the Giga Pack may be your best bet if you're wanting to get hold of a PSP this side of Christmas, so it'd be well worth snapping one up now before the inevitable happens and they all sell out too.

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