Sony's PSP console is reported to have broken the record for most units sold at UK launch according to official Chart Track figures, which show 185,000 machines selling in just three days - more than double the figure that previous record holder Nintendo DS managed.

The handheld console didn't just stop there though, and went on to set a record for the most launch titles with an impressively large 24 games available for the September 1st launch, quite possibly a side-effect of the machine being delayed for several months in Europe giving publishers much longer than expected to finish off titles which weren't planned to make the original Spring release.

Twenty of the 24 launch titles made it in to the official All Formats top 40, with Ridge Racer proving most popular with punters at launch and taking the top position. Wipeout Pure, Virtua Tennis and Metal Gear Acid filled the 3rd to 5th place slots in what can only be described as an PSP-heavy chart, with nine of the top 10 all being PSP titles.

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