Online retailer have changed their listed release date of the PlayStation Portable from March 18th to April 29th - fuelling speculation that the machine will launch in the UK on that date. screengrab showing Sony PSP launch date

Despite no official confirmation of a European launch date from Sony Europe yet, it seems increasingly likely that the machine will miss the March 18th date which had looked likely up until last week, when the American launch date of March 24th was announced.

The listing on Amazon for Sony's PSP still has the machine set at retailing for 179.99, but doesn't appear to point towards being a "value pack" as was announced for the American release, although full product details have now been added along with a manufacturer description.

Recent days have seen Amazon adding screenshots from many of the PSP titles which they have listed for release at around the same time as the machine, which would seem to suggest that Ridge Racers, WipEout Pure, Everybody's Golf, and MediEvil will all be UK launch titles from Sony, with Colin McRae Rally 2005, Metal Gear Acid and Grand Theft Auto making up some of the third party line-up.

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