Sony have today revealed their follow-up to the PlayStation 2, however in quite a surprising move it's not going to be the PlayStation 3, but instead a revamped PS2 with a sleek new design and a huge number of extra features including a DVD recorder.

PSX console

The console, which will feature a TV tuner, hard drive and DVD recording facilities, will be called the PSX - a name which was coined by the gaming media back at the release of the original PlayStation console and stuck despite never officially being used as the name by Sony.

It's been known for a long time that Sony have wanted their console to be a main feature in living rooms around the world, by making the console a complete home entertainment system offering more than just games and music playing abilities.

PSX will feature a massive 120gb hard drive, meaning a hefty amount of storage space on offer, and opening up the console to the possibility of being able to download full films (and maybe even games) to the machine via a high speed internet connection.

Possibly the most impressive feature though is that DVD recording will be possible with the machine, allowing you to tape your favourite TV programs directly to DVD discs - something which up until now has required stand-alone DVD recorders such as the DVDR890.

It's not know if the built-in TV tuner will be a standard analogue terrestrial one, or if it'll allow for the new digital terrestrial signals to be decoded - if Sony decide to support the DVB or digital satellite signals then the tuner could prove a very worthy addition, but otherwise we have to question the value of such a feature if it's only going to support standard analogue frequencies.

Gaming capabilities will remain exactly the same as the current PS2 console, with the same chipset believed to be inside the sleek new casing, and supporting both PlayStation 2 and PSone titles. However multiple monitors will be supported for the first time, opening up the possibility of games split across several screens, and even multiplayer titles running off the one console but each player having their own fullscreen view of the action.

Sony's ultra stylish PSX is due for release in Japan by the end of this year, with a North American and European release planned for 2004. As for the release of Sony's PS3, it'd seem that's further off than a lot of people were expecting, maybe late 2004 or 2005 - at the earliest.