Pamela Anderson is set to bound on to the PSone in a game based on her cable TV show "VIP".


The show first started on cable TV back in 1998, and has Pamela Anderson as Executive Producer and star of the show, which contains endless glossy Los Angeles glitz and glamour amid the rough and tumble of a bodyguard agency.

Gamers will get to play as Pam, or up to 5 other characters, with each having varied fighting skils, and all over 60 action packed levels.

There's also going to be an impressive selection of weapons to be seen, from shot guns to live explosives, and everything a Hollywood blockbuster could possibly fit in to make the action more exciting.

screen screen

VIP will be released by Ubi Soft on the PSone this December, and a PS2 and Game Boy Color version are due for March 2002.